Lush “Mask of Magnaminty” Review



I purchased this mask for about £13 when on a holiday to England, after having been dying to try some lush products for ages! I had mainly heard about their face masks, hair care and – of course – their bath bombs. I will admit, I see very high standards for Lush before even walking through the door. 

I was on a mission to make sure I walked out their door with AT LEAST a face mask. I approached the assisstant (who was very helpful!) and asked for the best mask for my skin – I was looking for something to help with breakouts. She initially pointed me in the direction of masks that had to be kept in the fridge but that was unsuitable as I was having to travel – then I saw the word “MINTY” in the corner of my eye. I am obsessed with mint. 

I read the blurb – Magnaminty basically targets breakouts on your face and back. Personally, this is only for my face, I have no problem with back acne.

I have used this mask about 5 times, so I have a good knowledge to lean against.

I love this mask. I really do think it is a superb recipe, and works brilliant on my skin. This mask does not require to be refrigerated, but because it is a mint mask and mint is a very refreshing scent – I do! 
When you first put this on your skin, it’s a thick and fairly smooth consistency. It does advise a thick layer, so I ain’t playing shy either! I didn’t expect the mask to be a type to dry up on your skin and tighten it, but it is and I really don’t mind that. As the mask dries, it becomes a lot more “bittier” – you see the natural lumpy products they throw in to make it the mask it is. 
I always leave on for 10 minutes, and only by the end of those 10 minutes does my mask start to dry and tighten. For the start of the countdown, the mask is just so cold, refreshing, calming… I can’t get enough. 
As you go to wash off, this is where it gets really messy for me somehow – my whole sink ends up covered in this mask! So really, this is the only thing causing the mask to lose some points. (technically, it’s human error…) 

Overall, I really think this mask is worth the £13. There is a smaller tub for around £8 but I wanted to gain a real experience from it. 

If you are looking for a product 100% natural – buy it.
If you are looking for a fair priced product – buy it.
If you love mint – buy it (was a good enough excuse for me!)
If you want a slightly different face mask – TRY it. 
If you loooooove LUSH – buy it. 

I cannot fault the mask. It is even a lovely colour – a pure green that mirrors the 100% natural product recipe. The texture is just right, the consistency is just right, everything works. 

I use this about 2 times a week, and look forward to using it knowing i’ll feel amazing after with beautiful soft skin. 

I hope this review enlightened some of you, or even encouraged you to spend decent money. I will do further reviews in the future. 

Loving life.


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One thought on “Lush “Mask of Magnaminty” Review

  1. theoxfordowl says:

    I’ve always stuck to the fridge ones before (not acne prone), but the mintiness sounds gorgeous!🙂

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